Duty Calls
Pure Pwnage episode 16 - "Duty Calls" original web series

Pure Pwnage episode 16 - "Duty Calls" original web series

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Duty Calls is the fourth episode of season two and the sixteenth episode of the Pure Pwnage web series.


As a prologue, the episode begins with a homage to Back to the Future and Jeremy playing Rock Band. In order to make some money, Jeremy goes to a local computer shop and sells the parts that he has earned in tournaments—a practice that Teh_Masterer frowns upon. After selling the prizes, the pair go out for breakfast, where Kyle tries to lecture Jeremy on the value of money. On the way to T-Bag's house, Jeremy encounters a man and in a dream sequence, and they battle with Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers.

At T-Bag's fitness room, the two awkwardly discuss different matters, including Doug's camaraderie. Ultimately, T-Bag advises Jeremy about his lack of sponsors, telling him that he should stick to a single game in order to earn money. Jeremy cites Teh_Masterer's quote, "If one wants to truly pwn, one must pwn at all games," but T-Bag ridicules it and insists that Jeremy should get sponsors. The next scene is a machinima short of Call of Duty 4 featuring Jeremy and Doug in a showdown. Afterward, Jeremy returns to his apartment and has a surprise birthday party with Kyle, Tagi, Dave and T-Bag, who all give him presents. When Jeremy and Kyle are the last two left in the apartment, Jeremy gets a surprise visit from Doug. The two reaffirm their friendship and work together playing COD4 on the same team, dominating the server they play on.

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