Pure Pwnage episode 14 - "Lifestyles" original web series

Pure Pwnage episode 14 - "Lifestyles" original web series

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Lifestyles is the second episode of season two and the fourteenth episode of the Pure Pwnage web series.


The episode begins with Jeremy getting up early to eat the breakfast that Dave has made. Shortly after, Jeremy initiates Dave's "training" by playing Dead or Alive 4. Kyle argues that they are not doing anything meaningful for the show, so they reluctantly go outside to play Frisbee. Later on, as Jeremy and Kyle walk in the streets, they find themselves in a Gay Pride parade during Pride Week. That night, Anastasia, Jeremy, and Kyle go out for dinner and are met by Dan from the TV studio and his girlfriend, Jacky. Jacky and Anastasia have a heated argument over the usefulness of games. The couple leave and Kyle remarks that "she's like [his] ex-girlfriend"; Anastasia then notices a woman who is alone and convinces Kyle to approach her, although her partner soon rejoins her. After a short conversation, Kyle returns to Anastasia and Jeremy and states he is going out with the two and that he needs to take the camera.

The next day, Jeremy, Dave, and Anastasia play Tiberium Wars, DOA4, and The Burning Crusade respectively at the "LANapalooza" gamer event in Aurora, Ontario. Upon returning home, Jeremy and Anastasia argue about how Anastasia takes WoW too seriously; in almost a role reversal, Jeremy says games are "supposed to be fun" and that Anastasia is "freaking out" too much and should log out for five minutes. Anastasia angrily storms out of the room with her account still logged in. Jeremy then goes over to her computer and contemplatively deletes Anastasia's level 70 Human Warrior (full tier 5). There is also a small segment at the end featuring Dave. It is aptly named "Pro at Cooking with Dave", and shows Dave cooking a stew.

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