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Pure Pwnage episode 15 - "T-Bag" original web series

Pure Pwnage episode 15 - "T-Bag" original web series

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T-Bag is the third episode of season two and the fifteenth episode of the Pure Pwnage web series.


The episode opens with a machinima of Team Fortress 2. After this, Jeremy, Kyle and Dave attend a Gamer Army lecture by Teh_Masterer, which Jeremy finds boring. Jeremy and Kyle then visit Anastasia. Though Jeremy deleted her character, Anastasia has assumed her account was hacked, and thus is not mad – on the contrary, the time away from WoW has changed her attitude completely. Later, Jeremy excitedly prepares for the release of Halo 3 in his apartment. When purchasing the game, he encounters Terrence "T-Bag" Brown, a professional Halo player, who invites Jeremy to his weekend launch party.

The episode then segues into a music video featuring T-Bag and Jeremy before heading the launch party. There, Jeremy finds Doug, and challenges him to a Halo 3 duel. Following an altercation between the two, Jeremy leaves the party. In a narrow hallway with numerous identical doors, two government agents unlock a weapon, the Menacer, to give to Doug, claiming that he has the power to prevent the war Teh_Masterer is preparing the Gamer Army for. Doug walks towards the camera saying "its headshot time!". Back in the apartment, Jeremy enthusiastically plays TF2 and appears to have forgotten about Halo 3.

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